Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your concerns and questions are very important to us. Here are a few of the most common questions we are asked.

Who is VCIR?

VCIR stands for Ventura County Issues Reform and we are a local advocacy organization,  seeking defeat of Californian legislation that endangers the lives and livelihoods of any vulnerable citizens whose freedoms are impinged upon.

How can I support the efforts of VCIR?

There are numerous of ways you can support VCIR. Our most distinguishing feature is that we are an activist group! If there is an issue that you have stumbled across, please contact us directly at or (805) 694 VCIR, to let us know how we can help you. We have a group of trained professionals that will walk you through the legalities of what you are dealing with and how we can take your issue to specific governing bodies through the people. Help spread the word of what we do through social media and most importantly, engage the youth! They, afterall are why we are fighting this fight!

How do I make a donation to VCIR?

Please click the “Donate” button. We are a volunteer based organization so every dollar that is donated goes directly back into the community. Many people are too busy to engage in local issues but by paying it forward, you can secure a liberated Ventura County.

Can I follow you on social media?

Yes, please do! You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

How can I get involved?

Come to our next meeting! If you are tired of putting your head in the sand and are willing to make a difference in the community, then you have found the right avenue. Call or email us, so we can put you on our database and be invited to our next Issue Reform.